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To Whom it may concern,
Vikki Becker was recently hired to edit my manuscript.  She is good at finding even the smallest of grammatical errors.  With a word here and there, she was able to strengthen sentences or paragraphs without changing the meaning.  Intuitively, she knew what needed to be adjusted in order to accomplish this task.
                Vikki was prompt at answering any questions I had during the editing process.   She was kind, patient and courteous and made this a very pleasant process.  I recommend Vikki to anyone that is in need of a good editor who completely understands the writing process and what needs to be corrected.
                I look forward to working with her in the future.
Sarah Thomas
Author of the “Fairies’ Ball”
608 Raven Crest
Frankfort, KY 40601

 Sarah Thomas Author Page

Vikki Becker, of Enchanted Editing has done many types of editing for me over the last 3 years. Everything from fliers & office reports to business communications. She's always done an outstanding job for me. She has a knack for paying attention to detail and is always on time if not early with delivery of the finished project. I would highly recommend her for your next editing project.
Regina Lynn Thrasher
Moulton, Alabama

"Vikki's ability to edit words without changing voice is invaluable.

She adds polish without taking away texture, and I consider myself blessed that she has helped me make my work that much better."

- Etta Jean, Author of the Chronicle and 3rd District Series

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